1  Contract

The Contract is between Windy Gap and the Client. The Contract will be entered into when the Windy Gap issues the confirmation letter and will be subject to all the booking conditions.  The Client is responsible for checking that all details are accurate.

2  Payment

A deposit of £150 is required when the booking is made.  The full balance is required 8 weeks before the booking starts.  A £150 refundable surety deposit is required at the same time the Total Balance is paid (8 weeks prior to the holiday commencement date).

Details for payment via a bank transfer will be included in the booking confirmation letter.

3  Rentals

Unless otherwise specified, rentals start at 16:00 on the day of arrival, and end at 10:00 on the day of departure.

4  Number of guests using the property

A maximum of 8 guests only are allowed to sleep in the house and use the house and ground for the duration of the booking.  A changeover of guests in this period is prohibited. Names and contact details of all guests staying in the house must be given prior to holiday commencement date. If any guests are found to be violating this condition, all guests will be asked to leave and no monies will be refunded.

5 No Smoking

Windy Gap has a strict No Smoking policy in the house. Smoking is permitted on the veranda, but all cigarettes, cigars, pipes and matches must be fully extinguished and disposed of safely.  Any guests violating this condition will be charged for extra cleaning of room/s and soft furnishings affected.  If this is necessary, the deposit will be held until all cleaning is complete.

Please note that this applies to all smoking devices as well as cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

6 Dogs

One house-trained dog is allowed in Windy Gap. No dog is allowed on furniture or in any bedrooms. Guests are asked to ensure their pet is supervised at all times and must on no account be left alone in the house. If guests wish to dine out and leave the dog in the house, Margaret and Paul will be happy to dog sit until the owners return (by arrangement).

No other pets are permitted at the property.

7 Charging of Devices

Personal devices, including phones, tablets and computers, must not be left charging when there is no-one in the bungalow.

8 Internet

No WiFi is available at Windy Gap.

Internet access is available via 4G if guests bring suitable devices, and is the responsibility of guests.

9 Care of the Property

Guests shall take all reasonable and proper care of Windy Gap and its furniture, pictures, fittings and effects in or on the property and leave them in the same state of repair and condition and in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning.

10 Breakages and Damage

A deposit of £150 is taken at the time of booking. Guests will be charged for any breakages or damage to Windy Gap or its furniture, pictures, fittings and effects in or on the property. The deposit will be returned two weeks after the end of the booking, with any deductions made as necessary.

Guests must inform Margaret and Paul of any damage or breakages during their stay, and before leaving the property.

11 Tennis Court

Guests may use the tennis court at their own risk.

The tennis court surface is uneven in places because of tree roots and can be slippery in certain weather conditions.

Guests must not lean on the surrounding posts and netting in case of damage or breakage.

12 Barbecues

Barbecues or fires are not permitted within the grounds under any circumstances.

13 Open Fire

Guests must not leave the house while the lounge fire is lit, and the fireguard must be placed in front of a lit fire at all times.

14 Parking

Up to 4 cars may be parked in the private car park. These are left at the owners’ risk.

15 Guest Holiday Insurance

Government restrictions have now been removed, however the Covid variant is far more contagious, and cases are rising, so it is essential that guests think seriously about taking out appropriate insurance against their holiday booking to cover last minute cancellation because refunds will not be issued for cancellations within 8 weeks of the booking.

However, should the government re-introduce Covid restrictions that result in guests not being allowed to use the property, we would offer a refund or an alternative week in the property when restrictions are removed.

16 Covid – Care in the property

We ask all our guests to familiarise themselves with the new house rules below to keep everyone that uses the property safe.

a)    Guests are not allowed to invite visitors into the grounds or the property.

b)    Only one household is allowed to use the property per booking.

c)    Please do not enter the property if you have Covid-19 or other strain of the virus.

d)    Please ensure to sanitise your hands before entering the main house. We have sanitising stations in the following locations:

  1. One on the table in the main hall to the left of the lounge door.
  2. One facing you as you enter via the back door from the yard.

e)    Please do not enter bedrooms that are not being used.

f)      All extra blankets are packed individually. Should you need to use them please store the vacu-pack bag away safely and leave the item out of the pack to ensure it is laundered before the next guest’s use.

g)    Refuse collections are on Wednesdays; please ensure all products are placed in bin bags before placing them in the outdoor bin. (They will have been sanitised prior to your stay).